Mao: Apaa saga is NRM puppet show

Norbert Mao during a recent party press

Democratic Party [DP] president, Norbert Mao, believes the Apaa land conflict is another stage-managed event by the ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM].

“There is no conflict that can justify what happened in Apaa. You can’t attack your neighbours and kill each other,” Mao insisted.

While appearing on NBS TV “Frontline” programme on Thursday night, Mao said there is no way those Acholi people would have killed themselves with bows, arrows and machetes.

“There is some form of interest that needs to be investigated.”

He lashed at government spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo, who said people were just ferried from Pabbo to Apaa to cause clashes.

Victoria University

“Ofwono Opondo’s imagination on Apaa clashes is fertile. He might be reading from a novel,” Mao jested.

He added: “All these maps the media has been showing are fake. It’s not NRM that mapped Uganda, it was the British.”

According to Mao, its in everyone’s interest to find a formula of living together especially for the Acholi and the Madi involved in this conflict.

He said borders are technical issues and they require people who are impartial.

“It is NRM’s policy to privatise everything in Uganda. This is a puppet show.” He said the puppeteers are seated somewhere and they are politicians willing to mortgage this country.

“Voter gatherers are not effective at this point. If we call the meeting of people claiming the land, these MPs would stick to the gallery.”

Mao said the elders are not silent and that they are the ones dealing with suspicion.

“Imagine they are the ones tasting food.”

President Yoweri Museveni has already summoned leaders in the area for a meeting and ordered the arrest of the instigators.



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