You’re a sycophant, Oguttu tells Gen Angina

Operation Wealth Creation [OWC] deputy coordinator, Gen Charles Angina addressing UPDF while still deputy CDF

Former Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Wafula Oguttu, has lashed out at Operation Wealth Creation [OWC] deputy coordinator, Gen Charles Angina, for saying “President Yoweri Museveni is God-sent”.

The Observer quoted the former deputy Chief of Defence Forces of the UPDF saying Museveni was particularly sent by God to deliver Uganda to a middle income status.

“President Museveni is God-given. With all the rich mineral resources in Uganda that God has revealed to him, there is no way we can fail to get there [middle income by 2020],” Angina is quoted to have said.

He added: “By the way, Uganda has had the highest decorated military officer [Idi Amin] for a president but God did not reveal the mineral resources to him.”

Enraged by these remarks, Oguttu concluded that the General was “really embarrassing himself”.

Victoria University

“He [Angina] is taking his sycophancy too far,” Oguttu lashed out, adding, “He even does not know oil was discovered in Uganda in 1921 before God sent his master.”

According to Oguttu, Angina does not know the first and current CEO of the state owned Oil Company was sent by Idi Amin to China to train in oil geology.

Earlier, Oguttu had expressed anger over Apaa land crisis saying Ugandans have suffered “so much these NRM man- made disasters”.

He claimed the disasters are designed to keep Ugandans fighting amongst themselves so that they remain ever divided, poor and weak.

“Such people are easy to fool and rule, keeping them on false hope of silly things like OWC [headed by Angina and Gen Salim Saleh].”

Angina and blame games

In another report, The Observer also quoted the head of the National Agricultural Advisory Services (Naads), Dr Samuel Mugasi, accusing Angina of engaging in blame games rather than focussing on his work.

Mugasi was responding to Angina’s calls for the military to take over the operations of Naads, a statutory body that formerly provided extension services nationwide.

Naads is now reduced to the sole role of undertaking all agricultural related procurements for OWC, a military-run effort to improve household incomes across the country through agriculture.

“We cannot deliver what we have not been given, we don’t do procurement, we don’t do planning at Naads; how do we deliver [to the farmers] what we don’t have? Naads are the ones who procure, they are the ones that [award] contracts for us we are to ensure that the beneficiaries receive the farm inputs,” Angina told journalists at the Office of the Prime Minister’s boardroom in Kampala.

“Previously, they would put signpost and say that this is a Naads project yet it is not. They were doing it for accountability purposes,” he added.



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