Tanzania MPs trace Magufuli patriotic footsteps  

President of Tanzania Dr John Magufuli engages in press-up at a rally

Members of Parliament (MPs) have passed a resolution to commend President John Magufuli for his efforts, daring and high level of patriotism in helping Tanzanians to benefit from their nationally endowed natural resources.

Reading the resolution in the House here, Newala Urban MP George Mkuchika assured the President that the National Assembly is available to give him devoted support to ensure that his efforts and patriotism serve as a catalyst for Tanzanians to benefit from their natural resources.

“This Parliament unanimously resolves to assure the President that it’s with him and is ready to offer dutiful cooperation as will be required to ensure that his efforts, courage and high level of patriotism become the catalyst towards increasing the mining sector contribution to development of majority citizens,” said the legislator.

He said Dr Magufuli has sacrificed his life to help Tanzanians recover their wealth, arguing that for years now, MPs, citizens and some civil society organisations have been complaining and raising concern over the dismal contribution of the mining sector to the national development.

“Complaints are rife that our nation is not adequately benefiting from the mining sector due to shoddy contracts that do not provide room for the government to receive sufficient dividend, taxes and other revenues,” said Mr Mkuchika, imploring all lawmakers to support the resolution.

Victoria University

President Magufuli formed two committees in April to investigate the controversial export of mineral concentrates and tasked them to come up with proposals on the appropriate measures to pursue, to reverse the exploitative trend in the country.

Prof Abdulkarim Mruma chaired a committee that investigated the amount and types of minerals in the concentrates, while Prof Nehemiah Osoro led team conducted the profit-loss analysis in the mining sector since the exports started in 1998.

All the teams have submitted theirMagufuli has in response ordered swift measures against all the culprits linked to the atrocious deals, including an overhaul of the mining legislation and contracts.

Debating the move, MPs, especially from the ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) supported the resolution, describing it as inevitable in revitalising the Head of State but opposition legislators crushed it as uncalled for.

Livingstone Lusinde (MteraCCM) praised Dr Magufuli for his decision to make public all the reports for Tanzanians to understand what is happening. “This is war … it is an economic war, which is tougher than the struggles for independence,” he said.

Other legislators who defended the resolution were Mohammed Mchengelwa (Rufiji-CM), Kangi Lugola (Mwibara-CCM) and Japhet Hasunga (Vwawa-CCM).

But, Tundu Lissu (Chadema Singida East) belittled the congratulatory resolution, arguing that the House was lowering itself from being an organ to advise and check the government to an organ of ululating and singing for the government.

Source: Tanzania Daily News  



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