Muliika: Uganda not a nation, we need new constitution

Owek. Daniel Muliika

Former Katikkiro of Buganda Kingdom, Owek. Dan Muliika, has cited a big problem concerning land ownership in the country in view of the recent Apaa land clashes in Adjumani district.

Muliika who was appearing on NBS TV Thursday said he was not in position to speak about land clashes but noted that “these clashes are to show us that we have a very big problem in regard to land across the country”.

“I still insist that if power goes back to the right people, then we shall not have such problems and clashes,” he said.

Asked who the “right people” were, Muliika said first of all, there is need for a new constitution because the “old one has been manipulated for personal gain”.

“The problem we have today is that the central government wants to run everything that pertains to people.”

Victoria University

He added: “None of the people are involved in the changes in the community. It is the dictatorship of the leaders.”

Muliika maintained that people have been hoodwinked and for one to come into power, one needs to put on a good show.

“Who tells you Uganda is a Nation? It is not. It has no language, no proper leadership, no culture. Uganda is not a nation. There are no elections that happen in Uganda without rigging. The man that cannot speak English cannot be on administration,” he explained.

The former Prime Minister of Buganda suggested that instead of central government fighting with people, let there be a conference to dissolve how Ugandans want Uganda’s heritage.

On national budget, Muliika said that budget is to hoodwink people so that leaders take money.

In the previous budget, almost half the money was taken through corruption, embezzlement or fraud, he said, adding, roads that were said to be constructed last Financial Year haven’t been finished and it will not be long before they have potholes.

”The eyes were made to see faults.”



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