Mak VC search: Barya threatens to knockout rivals

Venansius Baryamureeba

Makerere university vice chancellor candidates Thursday engaged each other in a public debate, sharing their strategies and plans for the oldest institution at the main building.

Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe, one of the candidates said he is among the most celebrated researchers in Africa and an architect, the reason he wants the top seat.

“I’m a proficient researcher and resource mobiliser. I have raised $100m for the University for Research alone.”

Nawangwe promises to build a five-star hotel to replace the university’s guest house.

He also shared artistic impressions of proposed students hostel and teaching hospital at Makerere University.

Victoria University

“We have the best staff than anywhere on the continent. We need to motivate and revamp our staff. Anybody that is thinking of tampering with our academic records should count their days.”

He said the institution needs to have every Masters and PhD student have a publication like it was in the old days.

“I can assure you that with this strategy, we shall see increase in numbers and impact in Uganda and Africa.”


Former VC and presidential candidate, Venansius Baryamureeba proposed promotions in salaries and positions to curb staff withdrawal problem.

“We shall have a Makerere University customer service charter, so that our main clients (students) know what to expect.”

He also promised a mainstream ICT in all programmes, and to give refresher courses to staff.

“We are going to improve on the research environment within the colleges. We are going to allocate 10% of the budget to renovation and infrastructural development.”

He also preached a staff housing scheme and increasing retirement age for associate professors, professors and senior staff.

“Anybody tempering with the university students marks system, altering the marks of students, count your days. I am coming for you.”

As for his competitors, Barya said “if this was a boxing game, I would have already given them a knock-out”.

Prof Edward Kirumira

Kirumira, on the hand, promised to focus on addressing issues that affect students first, to benefit the university and public.

“I plan to introduce a scheme where students will work for the university and get money to pay their tuition.”

He said the security of university properties and documents will be key and its number one on his agenda.

“I also plan to ensure that policies that were formulated on financial management are implemented. Currently out of the 10 policies that were formulated, only 3 have been passed so I will make sure that the remaining 7 are also passed.”

He also promised to utilise spaces that the university has like Kabanyoro among other properties to over the problem of financial constrain the university has been facing.

“About the tuition policy, I plan to introduce Makerere university scheme where students will work for the university and get money to pay their tuition.”



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