Kin of Kaweesi murder suspects raise dust in Nakawa

Police mans gate leading to Nakawa court

There was commotion in Nakawa when police blocked relatives of people suspected to have killed former AIGP, Felix Kaweesi, from accessing court.

The 20 suspects were arrested in March this year following the brutal assassination of the former police spokesman, his body guard Kenneth Erau and driver Godfrey Wambewo on March 17,2017 at Kulambiro.

These are charged with 5 counts including murder, terrorism and aggregated robbery.

When the relatives appeared Thursday to attend the trial, police barred the gates and kept them outside.

Enraged by this decision, the relatives turned rowdy demanding to be allowed to talk to their husbands, brothers, fathers and mothers.

Victoria University

They accused police of abusing their rights by keeping them away from their family members.

State prosecutor, Racheal Nabwire, says the investigations are not yet complete.

Nakawa Grade One Magistrate, Noah Ssajjabi, returned the suspects back to Luzira prison until June 29.



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