Jopadhola declare war on Itesots in anon letter

The war declaration

Jopadhola residing in Tororo district have declared war on Itesots living among them in one of those unexplained anonymous letters.

The notice which bore no date or author tells Itesots that they came to Tororo as visitors and should not be comfortable staying for long.

“Your grandparent Oguti was an adopted child,” the notice said.

“We Jopadhola have reached a final decision to open war with you.”

Apparently, the authors say they are ready to recover the land they gave to Itesots in East Budama, Tororo County.

Victoria University

They warned that no district would be granted to Itesots since they are visitors and that Tororo would remain one district.

“On the 23rd June 2017, we are attacking you and driving you out of Tororo once and for all.”

The notice is addressed to Alfred Obore, Samuel Okalanyi, Kasim Kanyana, Daniel Insleeve, Dr Apollo Eputu, Dan Okware, Apumeri, Paul Etyang, Ayet who are reportedly leaders of the Itesots.

“Mobilise your people for war,” the notice concluded.

This comes at the height of Apaa land clashes between Madi and Acholi of Amuru and Adjumani districts where so far eight people have been killed.

President Yoweri Museveni who has been preaching against sectarian violence dispatched Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda to northern Uganda to settle the conflicts before they escalate.



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