Rwomushana: Gov’t using Apaa as cover up to kill

Former intelligence operative Charles Rwomushana.

Former intelligence operative Charles Rwomushana says the attack to the people in Apaa is a government insurgency using land as a cover up.

“What would make people fight over land to an extent of killing each other? We have seen people fight for land but never like this,” Rwomushana said Wednesday while appearing on NBS television.

He maintained that people are deprived, saying it is a fact that they are being killed.

“The question for land is a cover. There is more. The attack to the people in Apaa is a government insurgency that is why the media was forced to delete videos.”

Rwomushana claims the government is trying to manipulate the people in the Northern region the same way they did to Kasese district.

Victoria University

He asked Hon. Joshua Anywarach, Padyere County MP, not fall for the lie that these conflicts are about land.

“They are not. That is a cover. If you are analytical, you will realize that President Museveni reveals truths by mistake.”

He said President Museveni says that villages are not congested like the towns and therefore it is easier to track criminals.

“There is no way two tribes would be fighting against each other and they do not know who is fighting them.”

According to Rwomushana, President Museveni does not want to tell Ugandans that there is an insurgency; this situation is either an insurgency or a counter insurgency issue in Northern.

Host: Wouldn’t that be an alarm for Ugandans?

Rwomushana: How would it be? Ugandans are in need of answers of what is happening.

“The president said that the Madi people are attacking the Acholi. This can only mean that the Madi are going to be victims. The Madi have been painted as the defiant therefore they are going to face the wrath.”

According to Anywarach, sending Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda to visit the Northern region was a public relations stunt.

“We have had a meeting with the government before on these land conflicts and we came up with a strategy,” he said.

“My suggestion is that the Prime minister should have first revisited the strategy plan. Government is grabbing land from citizens to give to investors because they now need land for agriculture.”

He cited a need to do a holistic understanding of land as a country to come up with a safe guard against people’s land.



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