Man claims Mulago land is his, fences off hospital


A man has claimed ownership of the land hosting Mulago National Referral Hospital and even attempted to fence off part of the land near the City Mortuary.

Latima Mpagi claims that the land belongs to the family of the late Isa Muganga Ssendaula and he is the administrator of the estate.

However, Mulago hospital spokesman, Enock Kusasira, has dismissed the claims, saying Mpagi could be a front for a senior army officer he did not name who he alleged has previously tried to grab the land without success.

Kusasira said the management was prompted to remove the polls that Mpagi had planted in a move to fence it off.

While removing the poles, Mpagi stormed the scene and produced documents in front of police proving the land was his.

Victoria University

Kusasira told police that Mpagi had planted the poles at night in a move to grab the hospital land.

He claimed that some army men were behind this land grabbing scheme but Mpagi denied such collusion.

While Mulago claims to have even compensated the owners of the land with Shs300m, Mpagi says he has never received a single coin of the said money.

This comes at a time the First Deputy Prime Minister Gen. Moses Ali is being accused of fuelling Apaa land wrangles in Adjumani and Amuru districts.

Ali, who is also the Adjumani West MP denied claims that he was seeking to grab the land for his personal use and illegally selling the contested land to a foreign investor

The Adjumani district leadership also refuted claims that the land conflict, which has pitted Madi people of Adjumani against Acholi of Amuru district, was ethnic in nature.

They instead accused some political leaders of Amuru district of inciting violence in the area.

Meanwhile, the Paramount chief of the Acholi, Rwot David Acana II, has suggested that one possible solution to the Apaa land wrangle between the Acholi and Madi communities in Amuru and Adjumani districts could be to hold a referendum on which district the people of Apaa want to belong to.

Rwot Achana has also said political leaders implicated in the ongoing ethnic clashes over land in Apaa should resign if investigations find them culpable of contributing to the violence.

The Paramount chief, who was speaking to NTV from his palace in Gulu town on Tuesday, said all those with a stake in the land, including the National Forestry Authority, Uganda Wild Authority and the Investor who bought part of the land in dispute should be part of the peace process.



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