Kamya kicks out tricyles, boycotts Lukwago meeting  

Kampala Minister, Beti Kamya

Kampala Minister, Betti Olive Kamya, resolved to boycott a meeting convened by the Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago, to discuss the Kampala Capital City Authority [KCCA] amendment bill.

The minister instead used that time to order auto rickshaws also called tuk tuks out of Kampala where they have been operating as commercial public transport means.

She cited fights between Tuk tuk operators and commuter taxi operators in Nateete saying the auto rickshaws are not licensed to carry passengers.

Kamya then directed traffic police to impound them and arrest the operators.

“I have just had a meeting with the commander of Kampala Metropolitan Police and we have agreed that he is going to deploy policemen to arrest tricycles [sic] who are in commercial passenger transport business,” Kamya is quoted as saying.

Victoria University

Lukwago row

Meanwhile, the meeting that Kamya declined to attend claiming she hadn’t been included on the order paper, was meant to iron out her differences with Lukwago which have been ongoing since the year started.

In a June 8th, 2017 letter to Lukwago quoted by Daily Monitor, Kamya had promised to attend the meeting which would cover all issues in regard to development of Kampala.

“I therefore wish to ask that the order paper be readjusted to provide for the item of the statement of the minister immediately after the authority prayer. Please inform my office in writing and send a copy of the readjusted order paper,” reads her letter.

But Lukwago wrote back to Kamya saying he couldn’t adjust the order paper since the rules of procedure don’t confer prerogative powers on the office of the Lord Mayor to amend or adjust the order paper once it is issued and circulated to the members of the authority.

Lukwago instead Kamya to attend the meeting promising that council members would amend the order paper and give her an opportunity to make a presentation.

Kamya wrote back to the Lord Mayor the second time, clarifying she could not attend unless minister’s address is clearly put on the order paper.

“I would therefore suggest that the minister will wait to make a statement to the council until appropriate time is found by the authority for the minister. The minister will then be informed in advance and the matter reflected in the order paper of the council,” her letter reads.

Kamya was not happy with Lukwago for convening special authority meetings without notifying members 14 days prior to the meetings.

Angry KCCA councillors have now tasked Lukwago to notify Kamya that she should come to talk specifically about the KCCA amendment act before delving into other issues concerning Kampala.



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