Museveni gives Shs400m to NRA base for Kampala attack

Museveni gave Shs40m on the event and pledged more Shs360m

President Yoweri Museveni over the weekend attended Platinum Anniversary celebrations for Trinity College, Nabbingo, at the school in Wakiso District.

Museveni thanked the Catholic Church and other founders of Trinity College, Nabbingo for their vision of education.

The churches have done a lot for humanity, he said, adding, they have contributed to people’s welfare.

He said government will continue building more classrooms and technical institutions.

Victoria University

The government’s next phase of focus will be on education and medical infrastructure, Museveni told the gathering.

“We shall build more houses for teachers and medical personnel so that they live near their workplaces.”

He congratulated the school on its 75 years of existence.

Museveni, who congratulated the gathering for celebrating 75 years of Nabbingo’s contribution to the education sector in the country, revealed that in December 1985 the then National Resistance Army (NRA) used the School premises as it prepared to attack Kampala City during the protracted people’s struggle.

He disclosed that the fighters got blessings from the school.

“In December 1985, we used Nabbingo as a base as we planned our attack on Kampala. We got blessings from the school.”

To show his appreciation, Museveni contributed Shs40 million towards the celebrations and pledged Shs360 million for purchase of the school’s ICT server.



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