Nyanzi energetic as Kasaija scraps tax on pads

Stella Nyanzi

Makerere researcher, Stella Nyanzi, is now feeling energetic after government removed taxes on sanitary pads and even promised to provide them free to school girls.

Last month, the State Minister for Higher Education, John Chrysestom Muyingo, said government is still committed to its pledge of providing free sanitary pads to address one of the challenges leading to school dropout rate of girls.

While campaigning in 2015, Museveni promised that once he is re-elected, his government would give offer sanitary pads to adolescent girls.

The Janet-led ministry of education and sports has now asked all school to use part of the money for the capitation grant to buy some sanitary pads for emergency at schools for pupils who experience their menstruation for the first time.

No more taxes on pads

Victoria University

Finance minister, Matia Kasaija, yesterday announced that new taxes take which take effect July 1, 2017 will be imposed on wheat grain, beer, wine, spirits, firearms and soft drinks like soda.

He, however, scraped taxes on sanitary pads, solar batteries and lanterns among other things.

Kasaija reading the national budget

Nyanzi once felt like a fugitive in her own country following her psychological standoff with Uganda’s First Lady, Janet Kataaha Museveni, and her husband, President Yoweri Museveni, who she called “a pair of buttocks”.

The 42-year-old social critic was charged and imprisoned in Luzira when she criticised the First Lady’s promise of sanitary pads to schoolchildren that was never delivered.

“They lie that there is no money to buy sanitary pads that were promised to school girls in Uganda, but the government is spending 470 Million Uganda Shillings to treat the wife of demoted former Prime Minister of Uganda who not only contested for presidency in the last elections, but also petitioned the Constitutional Court against the botched election processes and outcome. And the state thinks that I am the insane one. Poo! Who is bewitching Uganda?” Nyanzi lashed out.

She added: “Why don’t we have a supplementary budget giving sanitary pads to school girls? Why is it more important to buy the silence, inertia and complicity of the good old presidential candidate, than fulfilling the promise for sanitary pads?”

The researcher, famous for stripping naked to get back her office at Makerere Institute of Social Research [MISR], is still battling a court case.



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