Museveni wants NRA heroes songs on school syllabus

President Museveni salutes

President Yoweri Museveni has said he will ask the minister of Education to include National Resistance Army [NRA] songs in the Ugandan schools’ syllabi.

“I’m going to request the new Minister of Education to incorporate the hero songs into the school syllabus,” Museveni said while presiding over Heroes Day celebrations in Zirombwe Luweero district on Friday.

In May this year, a directive was passed that each Ugandan state secondary school would receive two copies of Museveni’s autobiography, Sowing the Mustard Seed.

A statement from the ministry of education, headed by Museveni’s wife, Janet, said that the book will ‘promote a proper understanding, appreciation and loyalty to Uganda’s national identity in a bid to foster peace and national cohesion for development’.

It said the book should be kept in each school’s library and students should be encouraged to read it.

Speaking in Luweero today, Museveni reminisced on the bush war days and mourned those who sacrificed their lives for the struggle for freedom.

Museveni also laid a wreath at the Monument Ground in Luweero to honour 470 fallen heroes.

He later awarded a total of 365 artistes, civilians, army, prisons and Police officers with heroes’ medals.

Cost of freedom

Museveni further saluted the people of Luweero and Uganda as a whole.

“Our freedom was very expensive in terms of human life. When we come here, we come to celebrate our heroes and martyrs, people who were killed even when they weren’t directly involved.”

He particularly saluted the people of Luweero for defeating dictatorship of the past regimes.

“Freedom was very expensive in terms of human life. Many of our people were killed by government buried in mass graves,” he emphasised.

He said 9th June was declared Heroes Day because the government of the time invaded a village and killed 9 of NRA supporters.

He said the freedom fighters were killed for refusing to disclose the whereabouts of NRA military camps.

On top of that, more 300,000 people were killed for collaborating with NRA fighters.


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