Museveni returns to ex-rebel base for heroes day fete

Museveni speaking at Serena hotel after budget reading

President Yoweri Museveni is today expected in Luweero district to preside over this year’s Heroes Day Celebrations held every 9th June.

According to Esther Mbulakubuza Mbayo, the minister for the Presidency, this year’s celebrations will take place in Luweero district, Zirobwe sub county Headquarters at the St Augustine Parish Grounds.

The theme for this year’s Heroes Day Celebrations is “self-sacrifice is the singular heroic pillar in nation building.”

The Chief Guest [Museveni] will be joined with other dignitaries from government.

Over the years, heroes and heroines driven by the notion of self-sacrifice for the common good of their societies have saved their countries from sinking into dangers.

In this way, such heroes / heroines have demonstrated that heroism and well intentioned courage are key pillars in Nation Building and determining the destinies of such Nations.

“In our times, public recognition of such acts of self-sacrifice and heroism has traditionally taken a number of different forms,” Mbayo said, adding “Testimonials or praise on heroism; state-awarded or private medals and even monetary rewards have all been regarded as befitting methods of recognition.”

She said when a Nation chooses to honour its heroes through construction of monuments, it encourages more Citizens to sacrifice more towards Nation Building.

“Uganda has not been an exception to the foregoing observations. Therefore, it is a befitting statement of appreciation that Ugandans will gather in Zirobwe Sub-County, Luwero District and in several other places around the country to celebrate the 28th Heroes’ Day Anniversary.”

She said the venue for the National celebrations was chosen because of its significance during the NRM heroic struggle.

Luweero is the birth place of the peoples’ liberation and Zirobwe holds special memories therefore, on this special Day and at this historic venue, it is imperative that all citizens of Uganda reflect on the nature of self-sacrifice every one of us can offer in transforming our Motherland to a Middle Income status by 2020.

Economic literature today, instructs us that Economists have a name for the intangible pillar of Self-sacrifice in Nation Building. It is called – social capital – and that without it, no development is possible in a Country.

Self-sacrifice therefore, is a major intangible asset through which, we can build and bequeath to future generations a more harmonious, secure, ideologically oriented, pan-Africanist and prosperous Uganda.

“This is a clear message to which all Ugandans are called upon to rally behind the NRM leadership by performing little acts of heroism in everyday life. The duty call to be heroes in our daily lives is not far-fetched! It is an opportunity which is within everyone’s reach.”