Budget: works, energy, education get huge share

Minister Matia Kasaija

Finance minister, Matia Kasaija, allocated the biggest share of the Sh29tn 2017 national budget to three major sectors; works, energy and education.

While presenting the budget at Serena conference hall in Kampala on Thursday, Kasaija said he was giving Shs4.6trillion to the works and transport sector with the aim of refurbishing all roads that need completion.

He gave the education sector Sh2.4trillion and the energy sector Shs2.37trillion.

Kasaija further allocated Shs1.8 trillion to the health sector.

The security sector was allocated Shs1.4trillion.

Victoria University

Kasaija further provided Shs 43 billion to establish an Innovation Fund, of which Shs 13 billion will finance talented youth in the ICT Sector.

To provide an immediate boost to the economy, Government will spend the domestic arrears budget in the first quarter of next financial year to settle verified arrears it owes to private suppliers and Shs300bn has been set aside for this purpose.

Kasaija also provided the Uganda Development Bank Limited (UDBL) with an additional UGX 50 billion, and Government has also guaranteed a $26 million loan from the Islamic Development Bank (IDB).



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