Ugandans living long, better lives-minister

Life expectancy at 63 years means Ugandans live long & better-Kasaija

Where they live doesn't look super comfortable, but these people still radiate joy

Life expectancy today is 63 years, up from 48 years in 2002, according to Uganda Finance, Planning & Economic Development minister, Hon. Matia Kasaija.

Kasaija made the revelation on Thursday while delivering 2017 national budget at Serena conference centre in Kampala.

“Madam Speaker, Uganda’s development achievements provide renewed confidence in the NRM Government’s strategy to transform Uganda from a low income country to a prosperous one,” Kasaija said.

He noted that “many Ugandans are now living longer and better lives”.

He attributed the increase in life expectancy is a result of the NRM Government’s delivery of better socioeconomic outcomes such as the provision of education, health and water.

Victoria University

Literacy rates for adults now stand at 74% rising from 68% in 2002. 79% of the population now accesses safe water compared to 59% in the same year.

He said immunisation of children against measles is now 82% up from 62% fifteen years ago.

Per capita incomes have more than doubled to USD 637 in 2016 rising from USD to USD 250 in 2002, notwithstanding an increase in population from 26 million to 41 million people over the same period.

“Madam Speaker, despite progress on these socio-economic outcomes, a lot more needs to be done. The growth of average incomes has stagnated in the face of declining economic growth and a fast growing population.”

Kasaija, however, noted a growing unemployment, especially among the youth.

In February 2017, a new survey by InterNations, the world’s largest network for people who live and work abroad, cited Uganda as one of the countries with happier people.

The east African nation has transformed itself into a country of relative stability and prosperity and this is attracting expats from across the globe looking for emerging market opportunities.

It also said Kenya was becoming increasingly popular with expats, thanks to job growth in various sectors, beautiful surroundings, incredible weather, and a low cost of living.





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