Museveni speech full of himself, says Mayengo

Former legislator Israel Mayengo

Richard Todwong, the Minister Without Portfolio, has described President Yoweri Museveni’s State of the Nation Address as a “marvellous speech” that touched everything.

Todwong was on Wednesday digesting Museveni’s address to the nation alongside ambassador Israel Mayengo.

“The president’s speech was marvellous. He touched on the real issues that affect our society,” Todwong said.

He added: “[The] President said he is not a servant and he meant he wasn’t looking for a job but rather to serve the people.”

Host: Do you think the president exposed loopholes in different ministries by stating projects he has done single-handedly?

Tadwong: No. It is the President’s role to represent every ministry in the state of nation address.

Host: What is political stability?

Todwong: Politics make us look at the differences between us. It is often centred on tribalism.

Mayengo, on the other hand, thinks Museveni came to Parliament to deliver the address just because the constitution requires him to do so.

“The president went beyond what was required of him and mentioned things that caused a lot of curiosity.”

On torture which the president said he personally handled, Mayengo said it is the judiciary to stop torture, not even the president.

“Police must respect the law. Police is now realising that it’s important to first investigate and then make arrests and not vice versa. The president’s speech should not be about an individual. It should be about a whole system.”

He said the president’s speech should be about how things are which President Museveni did not do yesterday and that things are not about a party.

Host: Were there gaps or lies in the President’s address?

Mayengo: Let us call them gaps. A lot is desiring to be known.


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