‘I’m not Prof Mukiibi, Museveni shakes off supergluing girl’        

Former EALA contestant desperately clings onto Museveni’s hand, whispering sweet nothings into his impatient ear

A picture of a seemingly desperate young woman chasing President Yoweri Museveni is still making rounds on social media gathering more dust.

The picture credited to The Observer shows the lady dressed in a tight appetising dress holding onto Museveni’s hand, desperately as if her life depended on it.

Dressed in a blue suit and usual signature hat, Museveni tries to ignore the lady but she superglues on him, whispering sweet nothings in his impatient ear.

At first, tweeps thought she was related to the president but that turned out to be quite the opposite.

After some deeper digging, it was revealed that the young woman is called Dianah Kembabazi who supposedly had gone to Serena hotel on Tuesday to attend Museveni’s State of the Nation Address.

Victoria University

According to secret files, Kembabazi developed her ‘impossible’ feelings for the president sometime early this year.

To get closer and be noticed by the head of state, she decided to wade the mucky political waters by running for East African Legislative Assembly [EALA] parliamentary seat.

Determined Kembabazi joined the campaigns 10 days to elections specifically “to attract Mzee’s attention”.

When she addressed the ruling NRM caucus, during EALA primaries at State House, she failed to speak English.

She was booed down by Members of Parliament majority of whom its claimed have had some shares in her assets [a claim that was not verified].

Kembabazi, who has been serving as a personal assistant to UPDF 10th Parliamentarian, Pecos Kutesa, garnered only four [4] votes to lose the EALA Special Interest Groups race.

With the desperate photo of her and the president, tweeps resolved to make memes of it claiming she told Museveni that she was pregnant to which he replied: “Leave me alone. That must be Prof Lawrence Mukiibi’s pregnancy”.

Ridiculous as it sounds, the late educationist has been social media talk for allegedly leaving behind 70 widows, 87 children of whom 53 were confirmed as his at the funeral last week and 20 pregnant students currently.

The late professor reportedly had sex with heads of the schools, bursars, secretaries, teachers, cooks and then students in his sex-capades.

According to the state-run New Vision, police has now advised the family of the late Prof. Mukiibi to continue providing assistance to his expectant mothers.

Following the death of the St Lawrence schools’ proprietor, several women have come up to bring children to his relatives.

Keti Nandi, the officer in charge of child and family affairs in Kampala Metropolitan East, told Vision the family should be tolerant and continue taking care of the expectant mothers up to birth.

Then after there, they can carry out DNA tests to ascertain the paternity of the children.



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