Prof Mukiibi repented sin of countless children-church  

Mukiibi's children at his funeral

The Catholic Church has defended a decision to hold a funeral service for the late Prof Lawrence Mukiibi who father dozens of children outside wedlock.

Social media is currently awash with outrageous insinuations following media reports that Mukiibi slept with 75% of his students in St Lawrence Schools and Colleges, fathering several children with them.

One such report claims the late professor left 70 widows, 87 children of who 53 were confirmed as his at the funeral last week and 20 pregnant students currently.

The late professor reportedly had sex with heads of the schools, bursars, secretaries, teachers, cooks and then students in his sex-capades.

Victoria University

Talking to NBS television before his death, Mukiibi said in Africa, it is a taboo for an African man to count children, when asked how many children he has.

In a hilarious cartoon by New Vision’s Mr Ras, the family of the late Lawrence Mukiibi is allegedly considering conducting DNA tests after being overwhelmed by children.

New Vision cartoon on DNA tests

An angry tweep, Thomas Ddumba, says a serious government would confiscate the estate of Mukiibi as it investigates his paedophilia, rape against children under his care.

“An investigation into Mukiibi’s crimes against vulnerable children should take place. Education reform put in place. We can’t go on like this,” Ddumba suggested.

Another tweep, Nkaheebwa, says dead or alive, something should be done about this Mukiibi issue. “We need laws to protect children when they are handed over to schools.”

Nkaheebwa‏ notes that spewing lovely eulogies the day Mukiibi was pronounced dead was a shame. “Who shall we trust our children with? How can anyone be so cold?”

The long unending line of Prof Mukiibi’s chilren

“While the Archbishop praised him for paying for helpless children, and taking care of orphans…did he know that Mukiibi used them too?” she wondered.

Catholic Church defends Prof Mukiibi over children

Msgr John-Wynand Katende, who led Mukiibi’s last funeral service, told The Observer that during his last days, the late educationist sought a priest, repented his sins and was given the sacrament of anointing of the sick.

“What we are doing now is a post-mortem, but what Prof Mukiibi actually needs most are our prayers,” Msgr Katende said.

Ahead of his burial, Mukiibi’s family paraded at least two dozen children, some barely one year old, who he fathered yet he had no official wife.


Kampala Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga is quoted by Daily Monitor describing him as a person of integrity and generosity who always put God first.

“The late was generous and always gave to the needy and underprivileged children in the country. He has been paying fees for the needy at his schools,” Archbishop Lwanga reportedly said.

Education minister Janet Museveni said Mukiibi “taught his students to be true nationalists and gave free education to the underprivileged and he must be remembered for the good deeds.”

Makerere researcher, Stella Nyanzi, was shocked that a “great fuck-master [Mukiibi]” was a trusted friend and steward of the Minister of Education.

She attacked Education minister, Janet Kataaha Museveni, for praising Mukiibi during his funeral instead of condemning him for “filling up” the wombs and futures of school-children under her charge as Minister of Education.

Accordingly, all professors have the permission of the president and his Minister of Education to grow big dip-sticks for use to plant their wild oats in the fertile wombs of at least fifty of their students, she said.



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