I’m Ogwal’s business partner with no debts-Museveni

Hon Cecilia Ogwal attending the state of nation address at Serena Tuesday

President Yoweri Museveni revealed Tuesday that he has no debts in the country’s banks and has since partnered with an opposition Member of Parliament to do business.

Museveni who said Uganda’s economy was in good shape, castigated critics for lacking eyes to see that everything was moving according to plan.

“People have been saying the economy is very bad. Poor people, they have no eyes to see the surplus electricity,” he pointed out.

Emphasising that matters of the economy should never be mixed with politics, Museveni announced that he was doing business with Cecilia Ogwal, a businesswoman and management consultant who doubles as opposition MP for Dokolo District Women’s Constituency.

She has been a member of Uganda’s legislature, continuously since 1996, has served as the Acting Secretary General of Uganda People’s Congress (UPC), beginning in 1985 until 1992 before switching to Forum for Democratic Change party [FDC] in 2011 elections.

“If you are a good manager like myself. You never mix politics with the economy,” Museveni defended his decision to work with Ogwal.

He added: “Cecilia Ogwal has something big somewhere. We are now very friendly. She has something but we couldn’t touch it. I am happy that her factory is creating employment for our people.”

LoP Winnie Kiiza too was in attendance

Meanwhile, Museveni said he had no debts in any bank in the country because he has his cows.

“I don’t have a loan; you can go check with all the banks,” he said, clarifying that he never buys things with his meagre salary [Shs43m].

He advised Ugandans to join agriculture and create their own wealth.

The president said he was running similar projects to uplift youth from poverty.

He has so far spent Shs. 337 million in Najeera; Shs. 375 million in Katwe; and Shs. 271 million in Nsambya to aid youth.



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