Zari gets Ivan Pretoria estate, schools

Zari will look after the boys till they are 18

Zari Hassan will be occupying the late Ivan Ssemwanga’s estate in Pretoria South Africa to help her raise the three children her former partner left behind.

This was resolved over the weekend by a committee of four members that will look after the late Ssemwanga’s assets.

The committee is composed of Zari, Lawrence Muyanja a.k.a. King Lawrence), Ritah Ssemwanga (sister), and George Ssemwanga Pinto (elder brother).

The boys feed their young sibling

The Muyenga meeting was chaired by Kwagalana Group chairman Geoffrey Kirumira and Joseph Bbosa who asked Zari to look after Ssemwanga’s schools including Brooklyn College in South Africa.

She will also live in one of Ssemwanga’s two houses in Sandton and Pretoria while renting out the other till Ssemwanga’s three children turn 18.



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