You’ll pay a heavy price, Museveni warns encroachers

Museveni arriving in Ibanda for world environment day celebrations

President Yoweri Museveni on Monday presided over World Environment Day celebrations in Ibanda District.

“Protecting the environment is a matter of life and death for humanity,” Museveni told residents, adding, “We must do all it takes to protect the environment lest we perish.”

All those interfering with nature are doing a great disservice to themselves and will ultimately pay a heavy price, he warned.

Museveni plants a tree

“God created for us a wonderful environment to live in but by degrading it, we are going against his will.”

Museveni said water is life and people should not interfere with anything to do with water or the environment.

Victoria University

For the last two seasons, Uganda has not had enough rainfall. Experts attribute this to attacks on the environment.

People have invaded wetlands, rivers and lakes that contribute 40% of the rainfall.

“We cannot go on like that. We are therefore going to strengthen laws protecting the environment.”

Museveni said for example, there should be no human activity within 50 metres of a river bank, 200 metres of a lake shore, while those in wetlands and forest reserves should leave immediately.

“Finally, I thank the people of Ibanda for supporting the NRM and request that they continue doing so.”



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