Peace is presence of justice, Muntu corrects Museveni

Muntu: If Museveni doesn't hold onto power, we’ll stamp out corruption

FDC president Mugisha Muntu

Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] President and former army commander, Mugisha Muntu, has reminded President Yoweri Museveni that peace goes hand-in-hand with justice.

“I heard him say we have peace because we don’t have war,” Muntu said while reacting to Museveni’s State of the Nation Address delivered at Serena hotel in Kampala Tuesday.

“Peace is not the absence of war, it is presence of justice,” Muntu who was appearing on NBS TV shortly after the address, sought to educate his former Commander-in-Chief.

Muntu said Museveni left a very big gap in his speech when he didn’t talk about the sector of law and justice.

The FDC leader, however, saluted people who are serving in the police, army and other security agencies and are able to work under these circumstances.

Muntu said in his address, Museveni seems to be the critical component of all solutions.

“He is less correct. However, it has always been the implementation where they go wrong.”

Muntu was sceptical about Museveni’s pledge to root out corrupt officials in government departments like Uganda Investment Authority [UIA], Ministry of Finance and National Environmental Management Authority [NEMA].

“However, for the FDIs to flow in, we must purge out all the corrupt official in the UIA, in the Ministry of Finance, in NEMA, etc. If they are in state house, we shall punch them,” Museveni swore.

He added: “How shall we know them?  We shall know them by their fruits.  Their actions will tell us who they are.  You delay an investment for two days, we know who you are.”

But Muntu says he is sure “that in the current environment, same people who are supposed to stamp out corruption are the ones who are corrupt”.

Muntu said a lot of money needs to be removed from the presidency budget and divert into things he is focusing on.

“If he doesn’t amend the constitution to remain in power, our efforts will be focused on stamping out corruption.”

Muntu noted that while Museveni has mentioned offering support to many groups, he is doing it as an individual and not as a structured system.

“Museveni’s weakness is micro-managing everything. He should enable people strengthen systems which have been weakened,” Muntu noted.

The president was unhappy with the fact that Uganda still imports shoes, furniture, automobiles, motor-cycles, computers etc yet they can be produced locally.

He aims to transform idle youth into wealth creators and job creators and has so far spent Shs. 337 million in Najeera; Shs. 375 million in Katwe; and Shs. 271 million in Nsambya to aid youth.


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