Museveni: Don’t arrest idle youth, they’ve no jobs

Museveni arriving at Serena hotel in Kampala today

President Yoweri Museveni has ordered Uganda police to stop arresting youth for being idle and disorderly.

The president made the directive on Tuesday while delivering the State of the Nation Address at Serena hotel in Kampala.

The president said the police have been largely criticised for mishandling some youth and failing to listen to the public.

“The other day, I was in Kalerwe and the youth there were complaining of the Police arresting them for being “idle and disorderly”.  This must stop completely.  Some of the youth are idle because they do not have jobs.  Why arrest them for that?  The revolutionary should be like “fish in water”. A revolutionary should never be “fish in no water”.”

Museveni told security forces never talk harshly to the people and always maintain a harmonious relationship with the people and listen to the public.

Victoria University

“I started relating with the youth in Kampala in 1968, in Katwe.  The NRM cadres in Kampala have not properly followed the earlier work of Fronasa in Kampala. Our first NRA Commander, Ahmed Seguya, was from Katwe.  I had trained him in Mozambique in 1971-72.”

On February 9, 2016, Museveni ordered police to stop arresting people for being “idle and disorderly” but the order was never heeded.

On Tuesday, Museveni commended police for handling security during the recent martyrs’ day celebrations at Namugongo.

He said Uganda is free of war and the spike of lawlessness will be defeated when the gaps are closed.

“Our army is a voluntary army the UPDF does what it does because of conviction. And our country is free from war,” he said, warning Members of Parliament to be careful when they insult the UPDF.

Earlier, opposition Members of Parliament had asked that Museveni presents an exit plan for his administration as he addresses the nation today.

The MPs cited a plot by the ruling party to lift the presidential age limit above the constitution limits of 75 inorder to stand again in 2021 elections.



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