Suspected Ebola outbreak in Gulu

In this photo from 2000, relatives wait as a worker from St. Mary's Lacor

A patient suspected to had contracted the Ebola virus has been isolated at St Mary’s Hospital Lacor in the northern Gulu District.

The female patient, according to Dr Emmanuel Ochola, an epidemiologist at the hospital, began bleeding through body openings, one of the indicators that she could have the deadly virus.

Ochola told Daily Monitor the woman who hails from the neighbouring Adjumani District checked in with a gynaecological complication.

“The doctors detected high fever and haemorrhagic manifestations before she was rushed to an isolation ward,” Dr Ochola told the newspaper.

He said the doctors extracted samples which they sent for analysis at the Uganda Virus Research Institute in Entebbe.

Victoria University

Dr Felix Ochom, a WHO staff in the Emergency and Preparedness Unit at the Uganda office in Kampala, says they are aware and are working with the Ministry of Health since samples were delivered to Entebbe using the Hub system.

This comes at a time the neighbouring Congo is trying to stop the virus from spreading across provinces.

Gulu District suffered its first Ebola outbreak in 2000, killing more than half of the 400 infected persons, among them the lead doctor Matthew Lukwiya and 14 health workers.

Uganda registered another Ebola outbreak in the western Bundibugyo District in 2007, which killed 39 people, and again in the mid-western Kibaale District which was quickly contained in 2012.



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