She won’t touch Ivan riches, Rich Gang at war with Zari


Rich Gang surviving members, King Lawrence, and Edward Kyeyune aka Ed Cheune, are currently in an open war with the late Ivan Ssemwanga’s former lover, Zarinah Hassan Tlale.

The duo has taken an oath to ensure that Zari does not touch a single property or shilling that belonged to their late partner and brother.

King Lawrence could not make it to Kayunga district for Ssemwanga’s burial because he has a travel ban prohibiting him from leaving South Africa.

At the funeral, Zari told the public that she would look after Ssemwanga’s three children which means she would be entitled to some property.

King Lawrence manoeuvred and made it to Uganda on Saturday to make sure that Zari doesn’t touch anything that has Ssemwanga’s name on it.

Victoria University

Together with Cheune, King swore while sipping their liquor at Club Guvnor on Saturday not to let Zari touch their brother’s riches.

King Lawrence (left) was Ivan’s best friend. Other members of Rich Gang include; Shafiq Katumba (Katsha) and Eddie Kyeyune (Ed Chuene)

While Ssemwanga was fighting for his life at Steve Biko hospital in the administrative capital of South Africa, Pretoria, King said Zari was simply there to see off her former love and take his property.

Zari who nursed Ssemwanga till his demise is still hitched to the Tanzanian lover and music star, Diamond Platnumz, for whom she bore two kids-a boy and a girl.

“But it’s true Zari called Ivan’s brother Sir Pinto and told him that she is going to take all Ivan’s assets 100%,” King said, adding,”That she will continue to be with Platinuzm as she also takes everything.”

After Ssemwanga’s death, his father, Herbert Luyinda, blamed Zari for causing his son a depression leading to his untimely death.

He said Zari has no claims to anything Ivan owned following a revelation by King Lawrence that the boss lady was trying to seize his assets.

“She is not his widow, she left my son a long-time ago,” Luyinda sounded determined.

Zari speaks out

In an interview with, Zari said Ssemwanga’s property in Uganda has a loan to be repaid after which it will be determined way forward.

She further explained that the college in South Africa is safe under her management as she is a director there and understands the business as they started it with her ex-husband.

Zari told the website what is important is that her children get to be provided for their basic needs such as food, education, home and medical bills.

Asked about her reaction to the statement made by Ssemwanga’s uncle Herbert Luyinda that she was not entitled to inheriting any property she said:

Zari and Ivan’s children

“I was just calm because there is paper work and not even someone’s uncle can just wake up and say he wants this. On top of that you have to know that since this guy is gone but he has kids they are next in line of his legacy and as a grown-up he can always look for his own legacy. I think after realizing that he apologised.”

She denied any wrangles with the family of her former lover.

“People are saying there is beef between us but there is no beef between me and that family. Whether I like them or not they are my kids’ family, I would never fight them. I need them in the future. The kids will grow and maybe sometimes I will fail I need to call them and tell them right now we are broke I need someone to pay school fees or one of the boys is getting married where are the uncles and grandfathers. I would never fight them.”

She added: “I’ m looking at an aspect where I need them in future and much as they have a step dad they a bigger father figure who can authoritatively correct them when they are wrong.”



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