KCCA tells NWSC to demolish Centenary Park

BQ Lounge Centenary Park - Kampala

Kampala Capital City Authority [KCCA] has clarified on the ongoing fracas relating to the pending demolition of businesses located at Centenary Park.

KCCA as the registered owner of the land along Kitante Road and Jinja Road currently hosting the Centenary Park granted M/S Nalongo Estates Ltd a 10 (ten) year management contract over the area comprising Centenary Park to among others, develop thereon bridal gardens, to maintain the area as a green public open space.

M/S Nalongo Estates Ltd also had a five-year sublease on two other properties on the fringes of the Centenary Park.

Both the management agreement over Centenary Park and the subleases alluded to above have since expired.

“It is true that sometime in 2012 KCCA having terminated the management agreement took over the Centenary Park but following a court injunction, Nalongo Estates Ltd has since remained in possession of the property,” KCCA said in a media statement on Monday.

Centenary Park

The Government of Uganda is currently undertaking a number of public works in City of Kampala.

One such project is the Kampala Flyover and Road Reconstruction Project, National Water and Sewerage Corporation trunk sewer line and UMEME power substation.

All these projects affect a portion of the land housing Centenary Park and the agencies have had several engagements regarding the land take, permits, permissions and authorizations as well as how to accommodate the request for extension of the expired subleases by M/S Nalongo Estates Ltd and the extension of the management agreement over Centenary Park.

Following the expiry of the management agreement, KCCA sought to obtain vacant possession of the Centenary Park.

National Water and Sewerage Corporation is to undertake the sewer line construction on the ground but the continued existence of structures in the way of construction will delay the completion of the works which is slated for July 2017 as well as cost the Government a lot of money in terms of contractor costs and time extensions.

As a result of the engagements with the relevant stakeholders on May 19, 2017, the land-take for the flyover project as well as sewerage works and UMEME substation has been ascertained and KCCA will support UNRA, NWSC and UMEME to obtain the necessary authorizations for the works to be carried out.

A meeting was held on the 23rd May 2017 at Kampala Capital City Authority offices between KCCA and representatives from National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC), UMEME and the Managing Director of M/s Nalongo Estates Ltd.

It was agreed that NWSC shall carry out a joint site inspection with M/s Nalongo Estates Ltd on the 24th of May 2017 at 12.00 (noon) to demarcate the right of way for the NWSC water installations.

The walkway to the bridal garden

It was also noted that M/s Nalongo Estates Limited shall grant NWSC unrestricted access to the Plots referred to hereinabove in order to install its water infrastructure and that NWSC shall earmark affected structures, within the Park slated for demolition by the Corporation on account of the works.

It was further agreed that M/s Nalongo Estates Ltd shall not encumber the NWSC, its agents or Contractor, in any way, during the demolition and water infrastructure installation exercise.

NWSC is therefore requested to proceed with the works, as agreed and stipulated above, KCCA said.

“KCCA is committed to continue engaging M/S Nalongo Estates Ltd for purposes of granting it a sublease over Plot 96A-100A Kitante Road and Plot 5 Park Link as well as execute a management agreement over Centenary Park with residue of the land earmarked for the project.”

“All this will follow a technical review of the matter and a clear disposal process as required by law for transparency, accountability and value for money as we transform Kampala into a better City.”



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