Interpol ponders border units, denies Ivan ‘fake death’ saga

Asan Kasingye addressing a press Conference at Police Headquarters, Naguru

The Uganda Police Directorate of INTERPOL is in the final stages of establishing Border Monitoring Units to support the already existing strategy in the fight against cross boarder crimes.

Addressing press at Naguru police headquarters on Monday, Asan Kasingye, the police spokesman, identified such crimes as trafficking in humans and drugs, thefts of vehicles and other items, as well as intelligence gathering.

He said the Units will also be mandated with public education at the boarders especially about trafficking, as well as following up on these crimes to support prosecution of the offenders.

“More information on establishment of these units can be obtained from INTERPOL.”

Denies investigating Ivan death

Victoria University

Meanwhile, Kasingye disassociated with a story saying INTERPOL Uganda was investigating a fake death by Ivan Ssemwanga through a request from INTERPOL Pretoria.

The report made rounds on social media claiming Ssemwanga was not dead and that someone else had been buried in his place.

The report also claimed that the socialite who died in Pretoria was actually somewhere in the Middle East enjoying life.

“This information is not only false but flouts all INTERPOL requirements for requesting assistance during investigations,” Kasingye said.

Kasingye said Interpol has not received any communication from South African Interpol asking them to exhume Ssemwanga’s body.

“How could it happen yet his body was cleared for repatriation by South African police,” Kasingye said, explaining that if police in South Africa wanted Uganda to exhume the late Ssemwanga’s body, it would pass its request through Interpol headquarters in Lyon, France.

Meanwhile, two Ugandan citizens have since dragged Bank of Uganda to court seeking orders to exhume his body so as to recover the money members of his Rich Gang crew splashed in the grave before his burial.



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