Grab machetes, prepare for war- Bamba King

Bamba King Lt Col Martin Kamya

Bamba king is on the spot for allegedly inciting violence in the Rwenzori sub-region during his 3rd coronation ceremony.

Lt Col Martin Kamya, was retired from the army in May 2014 and installed as traditional leader (Omudhingiya) of the Bamba/Babwisi/Vonoma in the troubled Rwenzori sub-region.

“…prepare your machetes… prepare for war….,” the retired soldier rallied his subjects on May 30, 2017 which marked the 3rd coronation celebration of the youngest Kingdom in Uganda.

This territory was once part of the now embattled Rwwnzururu Kingdom but out of the constitutional liberties, President Yoweri Museveni allowed them to succeed.

On May 28, King Kamya returned from probably Kampala to prepare for his celebrations joined by all Bamba old, young, women and men.

Victoria University

To express love of their King, the subjects travelled as far as Kibuku in Ntoroko district to wait for him.

On coronation day, the King called upon his people to get out their machetes and prepare for war.

He even said and pointed at a particular mountainous tribe that should or will face the wrath of his call.

Unfortunately this region has been earmarked as a hotspot, all efforts are being made to ensure that peace prevails.

Museveni has since deployed his security personnel including RDC, DISO, GISO, VISO etc, to secure Bundibugyo area.

The district Resident Commissioner (RDC) Bundibugyo, Godfrey Mbetegyerize, has since summoned the King for talks following his remarks.

In February 2016, deadly tribal clashes broke out in Bundibugyo leading to the death of eight people.

Over 10,000 people were also driven from their homes by the hostilities.

Since the creation of Obudingiya Bwa Bwamba chiefdom in 2012 tensions between the Bakonzo and Bamba have increased and some point the Rwenzururu king was blocked from visiting Bundibugyo to avoid conflicts.

In August 2016, tribal clashes resumed in Bundibugyo district involving Bakonjo and Bamba leaving one house burnt to ashes and other properties destroyed.



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