Scribes call Uganda a guinea pig, ask Museveni apology

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Uganda has become a guinea pig, according to NBS TV journalist, Simon Kagwa Njala.

“And we are going to have many investors coming in to test the budget principles,” Njala added while appearing on “Media Round Table” programme Friday.

Njala said back then when the Late Mayanja Nkangi read the budget, people used to sit around radios to listen to whether sugar, fuel have increased.

“That time the people were very attached to the budget however lately, the budget is way up there that people are detached.”

His colleague Dalton Kaweesa says there are too many bottlenecks in regard to the budget and it is high-time President Yoweri Museveni apologised to Ugandans.

Victoria University

“The rates of carrying out business in Uganda is the highest in the East African region. The government is talking about infrastructure in this year’s budget however what are we going to be exporting?”

Another NBS TV journalist Mildred Tuhaise called Uganda a supermarket of imported goods.

“What is government’s plan for production?” she wondered.

Joseph Sabiti, also journalist at the same television station, believes the most funded ministry does not exist.

“It is the ministry of corruption. Out of UGX. 4.6Bn, UGX. 2.6Bn will go towards corruption. We say we are a country moving towards middle status but the indigenous industries are closing.”

He added: “We are instead supporting investors and industries that have no substantial claim to develop the country.”

The journalists concluded that the country no-longer has planners but masqueraders.



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