Promising Ugandan lad drowns in Netherlands


While the country is trying to get to terms with the passing of cancer patient, Carol Atuhirwe, yet another Ugandan has also died outside the country.

Samson a.k.a Brazilian was pronounced dead on Friday night by the Ugandan Community in Netherlands.

“Our deepest Sympathy goes to our Ugandan family in the Netherlands, we received sad news of the untimely death of Samson a.k.a Brazilian,” a condolence message reads.

“We have been informed of the regrettable news and events leading to the death of our brother Samson, its unfortunate our brother was not seen crossing into a deep water area at the beach early today which resulted into his drowning.”

Samson is said to have been a reserved, humble and kind young gentleman who had a good future ahead of him.

Victoria University

“He will be greatly missed by Ugandans and Friends Community in Belgium and the Netherlands community.”

“May his soul Rest in Peace.”

The message is signed by Titus, the public relations officer Ugandan’s and Friends Community in Belgium (UFCB) and copied to the group Chairman Atine JB Olugo.



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