Army wealth creation plan failure, says Matembe  

UPDF soldiers plant bananas in Gayaza

Former Ethics and Integrity minister, Dr Miria Matembe, believes the Operation Wealth Creation [OWC] programme run by the army has resulted in a total failure.

“The army is now in charge of creating wealth. They were also deployed to sort issues in agriculture. It’s a failure,” Matembe said last night while appearing on “NBS TV Frontline” programme.

The OWC programme is the Presidential initiative meant to facilitate the President’s intervention into the agricultural sector in order to right the wrongs supposed to have resulted from MAAIF and NAADS’ inept leadership of the last so many years.

National Agricultural Advisory Services [NAADS] annually gets over Shs300bn, a huge chuck of which goes into procuring fertilisers, seedlings and other farming inputs which are distributed and supervised by hundreds of soldiers recruited under the OWC intervention.

Gen Salim Saleh, the overall commander, has been part of this Presidential intervention from inception.

Victoria University

He is deputised by Gen Charles Angina who is currently embroidered in schemes of driving out staff, employing relatives and fighting with a minister of agriculture over NAADS.

According to Matembe, there is a failure somewhere and Uganda is not going to get middle-income status they are always talking about.

“We can’t achieve middle-income status in 2020 when we are setting such priorities,” Matembe wondered.

“When you want to develop a nation, you develop its human resource. You equip human being with skills.”

She said the way these so-called investors are treating people is so dehumanising but government continues to give them tax holiday.

“There are so many Ugandans who are needy and never reach State House but people who have access to State House scholarships are the privileged.”

She concluded that Uganda doesn’t know where it is going, an assertion rejected by David Bahati, the State Minister of Finance for Planning.

Bahati: ‘Maria’ says we don’t know where we’re going

Matembe: Who is ‘Maria’?

Bahati: You

Matembe: That’s not my name.

“We are on the path, we know where we are going. We are on the path to prosperity,” Bahati assured government critics.



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