A prison diary: Mugumya on how to remove Museveni

Mugumya speaks on beating Museveni as Congo moves him to Beni prison

Mugumya is to be transferred to Beni

The Congo authorities have served Sam Mugumya with notice of intention to shift him and his colleagues from Ndolo military prison to the eastern capital of Beni where they will determine his fate.

A former aide to former presidential candidate, Kizza Besigye, Mugumya was arrested in 2014 over illegal entry into Congo.

He was detained in Ndolo military prison awaiting trial.

In a letter to his friends and supporters in Uganda, the FDC youth suggests how Ugandans can remove President Yoweri Museveni from power.

He says Uganda is at crossroads because citizens face a stark choice to either fight or submit to tyranny.


“It is time to step back and revaluated the situation and effectiveness of our methods thus far. We must weigh our options very carefully without having an aversion or affection for any. Revolution abhors dogmatism and romanticism it rides on dynamism and realism.”

He says in this regard need to note that a country of oppressed people is but a mere territorial concept.

“It is a body devoid of life. Therefore he who seeks to establish a dictatorship seeks to murder the country.”

“So with what should murderers be resisted? We should choose appropriate tools to fix the problem.”

According to Mugumya, those who are hungry for their freedom should set the pace for a Barry Gold Water aptly put it “radicalism in defence for liberty is no vice. Moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.”

The prince of peace himself in Luke 22:36 advised his disciples thus “whoever has no sword must sell his coat and buy one.”

And Fredrick Douglas noted, “The stranglehold of oppression cannot loosen by pleas to the oppressors conscious.”

“It is our prayer that we all proceed ahead driven by duty and sustained by faith. We have to remember that a faltering faith cannot triumph over the trials and tribulations that punctuate the struggle for freedom. We can only win our freedom on our feet never on our knees,” he writes.

“We are comforted by Job 12:18 who tells us that God dethrones kings and makes them prisoners. In short every Bonaparte will have a waterloo.”

He adds: “We on our part attesting to the fact that he is who against his will still hold his view pledge that even behind bars we shall continue to shoot steel ideological arrows that will eventually.”

Mugumya says he looks forward to the day all will be reunited hopefully in an atmosphere of freedom where all will not have to constantly “watch our backs looking out for the goons in government”.

Meanwhile, there are reports that Besigye has been taking care of Mugumya and has so far spent on him over $6,000 on the detained youth.

Part of Mugumya’s letter




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