Police deploys at Ivan grave to guard cash stashed in coffin

Money, champagne poured into grave as Ivan Ssemwanga

The family of the late businessman, Ivan Ssemwanga, is currently in a rage over reports that circulated Wednesday doubting their member’s death.

The reports on social media claimed Ssemwanga was not dead but was reportedly alive somewhere in the Middle East.

Jimmy Luyinda, an uncle to the Ssemwanga, told the state-run New Vision, they blocked people from photographing Ssemwanga’s body as a way of respecting the dead.

Lukia Mukalazi, the deceased’s niece told the paper that when the body arrived, she checked for all the birth marks and confirmed that it was indeed Ssemwanga.

“I raised the late Ssemwanga after his mother died, when the body arrived I checked the feet, toes, fingers and nails and proved it was Ssemwanga because I know him more than anyone else since he grew up with me,” she is quoted as saying.

Victoria University

Meanwhile, Uganda police deployed to guard the grave of the late socialite so people don’t exhume the body to steal the coffin and money that was buried with Ssemwanga.

Luyinda said that security is to remain at the grave until the family builds a wall around Ssemwanga’s grave.

Some armed Policemen were seen standing by the grave while others were seated under a tree with others patrolling the site to ensure no one trespasses or accesses the graveyard.



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