Kampala traders strike over rent, power bills

Trader carries dangerous placard

A traders’ strike has broken out in Kampala prompting police to deploy personnel and keep the situation under control.

Traders at Mini-Price building are protesting the increase in rent prices.

The traders have decided not to open their shops.

Other traders claim the power bills have also shot sky-high and demand a quick remedy before they are thrown out of business.

Victoria University

They also accuse Umeme of irregular and unexplained power cut offs.

A defiant trader was seen carrying a placard that tells President Yoweri Museveni “Ugandans are tired. ICC and NATO are looking for you”.

Police is now manning the plot near the Mini Price junction where Ben Kiwanuka separates from Luwum Street.

In April this year, police under the command of Kampala CPS DPC, Joseph Bakaleke, arrested Kampala Central Member of Parliament Muhammad Nsereko, while addressing a group of traders who were demonstrating against Chinese involvement in petty and retail trade.

Police manning the building

The traders say these businesses are meant to be operated by locals and not foreigners who they claim come into the country as investors and are given tax waivers.



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