FDC’s Mafabi accused of cannibalism, land grabbing

Mr. Steven Wobweni talking to Press last week

Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] secretary general, Nandala Mafabi, is on the spot for allegedly forging a signature and grabbing one of his electorates’ land.

The former Leader of Opposition in Parliament and Budadiri west constituency legislator is also accused of exhuming a body of one of his electorates and forging land transfer forms.

He is said to have connived with the Commissioner Land Registry, Sarah Kulata.

The complainant, Stephen Wobweni, is a Ugandan businessman who hails from Mbale district and is based in Pretoria South Africa.

Wobweni claims Mafabi forcefully grabbed his land using forged tittle transfer forms, signatures and a driving permit to ‘dupe’ Uganda Land commission that the seller was not traceable but had left him with his particulars.

Victoria University

“A transfer was lodged in this office over the above land in favor of Hon. Nathan Nandala Mafabi. I note that the signatures of the vendor differed in material particulars and I requested that he appears for identification and verification of signatures. The Hon.has now sworn an affidavit to which he intimates that the vendor can’t be availed as he is in South Africa,” reads an internal memo written by Golooba Haruna (Secretary Registry).

It’s said Mafabi with the assistance of commissioner Kulata managed to use forged transfer forms and a driving permit to effect the transfer.

They also forged a minute in which they claim they summoned the purported ‘seller’ in vain, hence taking a decision to transfer his titles in his absence.

The piece of developed plot in dispute is situated at plot 4, Nakaloke Road, volume 391, FRV 29/5, Folio 21, Mbale Municipality near Islamic University in Uganda [IUIU], about 500 meters away.

How the saga started

In December 2011, Wobweni’s businesses both in South Africa and Uganda faced some financial declines and needed a financial boost.

He approached Mafabi to borrow Shs150m after which Mafabi asked for a land title.

Mafabi asked his lawyer Ms. Mutembuli & Co.Advocate to write a ‘sales Agreement’ as security/assurance that Wobweni would pay back his money.

Wobweni accepted the conditions because he knew Mafabi as a man of unquestionable integrity.

“But apart from the integrity part, I was also comfortable because I had remained with my transfer forms; I knew no one could change ownership without signed transfer forms by the rightful owner, even if he had decided to shade off his integrity that I had known and concentrate on amassing wealth through dubious means,” Wobweni explained.

“So, after that transaction of Shs150m which came in three installments. I indeed went back to South Africa around March 2013 to re-capitalise and boost my business, till June 2016, but kept in close communication with Nandala.”

He added: “However for some few months communication begun to break down slowly as Nandala would sometimes not pick my calls nor respond positively to my emails, I started getting worried, that’s when I started getting suspicious and decided to return in June 2016.”

When Wobweni reached home, he found that the grave of his dear wife had been dug, her remains exhumed and taken to an unknown destination.

He was told Mafabi had presided over the sacrilegious act.

Land commission officials involved?

Wabweni then rushed to lands offices only to find the land title was transferred using forged transfer forms and a driving permit.

“I have never possessed even a local driving permit in Uganda, but these people purportedly presented an ‘International permit’ in my names and photo at lands that I had left it with them to do transfer,” he said.

In an affidavit, Mafabi maintains the Shs150m was for buying the disputed land and not borrowing as Wobweni alleges.

He even produced the ‘sales’ Agreement and original land titles to back his assertion.

“I Nathan Nandala of P.O Box 8995, Kampala take oath and solemnly declared that I’m an adult Ugandan Citizen, of sound mind and with capacity to make this statutory declaration the contents of which are with in my knowledge. I further confirm the purchase of Plot 4, Nakaloke Road, Folio 21, Volume 391, Mbale District from Steven Wabwenyi as a vendor on 28th/ 12/2011 at UGX 150m,” reads an affidavit Mafabi swore to.

“I have never been a money lender in my life, I finished his payment on 15/2/2012 in exchange for the above land mentioned and he signed the transfer forms,” Mafabi further explained.

But Wabweni maintains Mafabi forged the documents with the help of Uganda Land commission officials.

“Even before they went ahead with their illegal activity, one of their very own Magoola Haruna had written an internal memo [copy of which I have] indicating that the signatures produced by Nandala purported to have been signed by me were not corresponding and he advised that they summon me, which they didn’t but simply minuted that they had summoned me through my lawyer where as not, my lawyer just seats next to their office, she has never received any communication in that regard, they wanted to justify their heinous acts.”



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