Oulanyah rallies MP against violence on kids


The Rt. Hon. Deputy Speaker, Jacob Oulanyah has urged Members of Parliament to take into consideration violence against children when legislating.

Oulanyah said that there is need to have Parliament develop policies and regulations aimed at protecting the children against violence meted on them.
“How much do we focus on children while passing laws, policies, the budget and while dealing with reports? What percentage of this business is tailored towards children?” he asked.

The Deputy Speaker made these remarks while presiding at a breakfast meeting aimed at ending violence against children.

The meeting, organised by World Vision and Uganda Child Rights NGO Network, took place on Tuesday, 30th May 2017 at Golf Course Hotel.

Oulanyah added that there is also need to have institutions that are committed to protection of children against violence.


“What kind of people do we have employed in these institutions? These people need to have the knowledge and skills in dealing with child issues,” he said.

The Rt. Hon. Deputy Speaker also said that, “our dream is to end violence against children and let us make that commitment that never again shall we see violence against children”.

According to World Vision Uganda, the causes of violence are deeply rooted in traditions, beliefs and norms adding that violence takes different forms including the physical, sexual, mental and violence caused by cultural practices.



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