Kabaka issuing fake land titles, says minister

Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi

Hon. Chris Baryomunsi, State Minister for Housing, has questioned the logic behind Buganda Kingdom’s “Kyapa Mu Ngalo” [the mass land titling campaign].

According to Baryomunsi, ‘Kyapa mu Ngalo’ is optional but people (tenants and Landlords) need to know about this.

He said government is yet to come up with a position on the matter.

“We have advised the Buganda kingdom to go slow on the matter,” Baryomunsi said while appearing on NBS TV “Morning Breeze” programme.

He said much as the government says that land belongs to people, the ministry of lands is in charge of all resources and therefore people must be answerable.

Victoria University

Asked whether the Kabaka of Buganda, Ronald Muwenda Mutebi, is supposed to be answerable to the government about land, Baryomunsi responded with an affirmation.

“Yes. Buganda should be answerable to the government. There is only one ministry of lands in Uganda and everyone is answerable to it.”

Baryomunsi said Buganda Kingdom is not authorised to give out land titles.

“No. It is only through the ministry of lands. There is only one ministry of lands in Uganda and everyone is answerable to it.”

Host: Are the land titles issued by the Kabaka fake?

Hon. Baryomunsi: Yes. They are fake. The ones not issued by the Minister of lands.

Host: What is the position of the Kabaka in lands?

Hon. Baryomunsi: The government recognises him as a landlord. What people don’t know is that the leases from Buganda land board are brought to the ministry of lands and signed by the registrar.

According to Baryomunsi, the government recognises Kabaka as a landlord but Buganda land board has offended the government in regard to land.

“Yes. They have. The interest of Buganda land board might be economic because if this were not the case, then there would not be tension among people.”

Baryomunsi observed that Mailo land does not have owners but the landlord and the tenants both own the land.

According to the minister, Kabaka held claim on land that does not belong to him.

“Absolutely. Mailo land belongs to nobody. As government, we have requested the Buganda land board to go slow.”

He added: “Because not everyone is happy with ‘Kyapa mu ngalo.’ We have received petitions at the ministry.”



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