Amin son thrown out of parliament


Court of Appeal has Tuesday annulled Taban Amin’s MP seat for Kibanda North in Kiryadongo district, over questionable academic papers and voter bribery.

The legislator was thrown out of parliament over discrepancies in his education documents and electoral malpractice.

According to former Kibanda North MP Sam Otada, Amin’s identity is questionable.

One identity card reads Idi Amin Taban Tampo while the other is Taban Idi Amin.

Otada insisted Amin has no academic qualifications and is not a registered voter.


The three Court of Appeal Justices Stephen Kavuma, Cheborion Barishaki and Paul Kahaibale Mugamba have ordered the Electoral Commission to hold fresh elections for Kibanda North constituency.

The Judges ruled that Taban’s election should be set aside for non-compliance with electoral laws, having failed to give satisfactory explanation as to the discrepancy in the name Idi Taban Amin Tampo as indicated in the National Voters Register and National ID, then Taban Idi Amin on the nomination form and academic documents, and Idi Taban Amin as indicated in his passport.

They also noted that there was no evidence to prove that Taban legally changed his name.

They Justices have ordered a by-election and half costs to be paid by Taban and the Electoral Commission to Sam Otada.

In September last year, Masindi High Court Judge, Justice Elizabeth Nahamya, dismissed Otada’s petition filed against Amin and the Electoral Commission citing insufficient evidence.

Otada accused Amin of voter bribery, questionable identity and voter intimidation.

According to Justice Nahamya, there was no substantial noncompliance with electoral laws which means Taban Amin was illegally elected as his rival, Sam Otada Amooti.

Represented by Asuman Nyonyintono of Wagabaza and Company Advocates, Otada challenged the High Court ruling in the Court of Appeal.

Tampo is the son to Maj. Gen. Taban Idi Amin who contested in the same constituency after Kiryandongo district was divided into two constituencies.

Today, Court of Appeal overturned Nahamya’s ruling throwing the legislator out of the house.



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