Zari nearly comes to blows with Ivan relatives

Zari and her sons attend the funeral service

A near fist fight or say nail-scratching incident was almost recorded in Muyenga as the family of Ivan Ssemwanga picked on his former wife, Zarinah Tlale Hassan.

Semwanga passed on last Thursday at Steven Biko Hospital in Pretoria South Africa after suffering a stroke.

The ugly episode was sparked off by one of Ssemwanga’s sisters claimed she was ill-treated when she tried to hug the young nephews on Sunday night after the late’s body was brought in the country.

A chaotic babble then broke out as Ssemwanga’s relatives hurled several insults on Zari for allegedly being ill-mannered.

One of her sisters-in-law blamed the children’s behavior on Zari, calling her a “bad woman”.

Victoria University

It took the efforts of the MC, Meddie Nsereko and Kwagalana Group chairman, Godfrey Kirumira, to cool off the situation and calm down tempers.

Zari too picked Monday morning during a funeral service at St Paul’s Cathedral Namirembe to get back at her former in-laws.

Zari who refused to cry saying she had cried enough swore to take custody of three sons she had with the late.

“I don’t mourn Ivan Ssemwanga, I celebrate him. I’m going to raise our boys well,” Zari told off the in-laws who say she has no shares in Ssemwanga’s property since she left for him for the Tanzanian singer, Diamond Platnumz.

One of Ssemwanga’s uncles was forced to apologise for the way they treated her.



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