Police undresses Lango chief in brutal arrest  

Police arrest Lango chief [Photo credit: Chimpreports/The Spear News]

There was an ugly scene as Uganda police force undressed Benjamin Okii, clan chief of Okii Bako, in public.

Okii was arrested over the weekend for allegedly encroaching on a wetland in Lira municipality.

According to reports, the cultural leader was stripped naked before being bundled onto a police truck like a sack of sorghum.

He was rushed to Lira Central Police station and detained.

North Kioga Police spokesperson, David Ongom Mudong, claims the suspect tried to resist arrest and was handled as the situation demanded.

He said the suspect degraded over 20 acres of land and would be produced in court to be charged and tried.

Meanwhile, Lira police also arrested four people suspected to be printing counterfeit American dollar bills, Ugandan shilling notes and British pound sterling bills.



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