No one mixes on radio like I do-Alex Ndawula

Alex Ndawula

Veteran radio presenter, Alex Ndawula, has shared his career lifestyle following his exit from Kisementi based Capital FM radio.

Ndawula, 54, left Capital FM in May this year where he was hosting a “Dance Force” show having worked as a radio presenter for 24 years.

The presenter who worked at Sanyu FM, told NBS TV’s Mable Twegumye that he left Capital radio but is not retired as far as the entertainment industry is concerned.

Mable: How would you describe yourself?

Ndawula: I’m easy going. Maybe as I have grown older, I don’t like to take nonsense. If something doesn’t benefit or build me, I won’t waste my time on it or even a person.

Victoria University

“As you grow up, you find out you have less time to do things so you learn to prioritise, maybe that’s why people call me arrogant,” Ndawula said while appearing on “People and Power” programme over the weekend.

Ndawula says over time, he has learnt what is needed and what is necessary.

“I have met many people and after talking to them they say; eh I thought Alex you are a bad man,” he noted.

He says some people who know him like his friends and those that think they do but don’t.

“Everything that I have done speaks for itself so yes, that legacy speaks for me,” he stated, adding, “No one mixes on radio like I do may be there is a child not yet born that will come and do it.”

After the first ten years on radio, he would have to sleep after doing the morning show because he never thought he would do radio in his life.

“So it’s been a great journey. I have interviewed guys I thought I would never and radio has taken me all over the world.”



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