FDC youth mobiliser wants Muntu’s office

Moses Byamugyisha is challenging Mugisha Muntu for FDC presidency

Moses Byamugisha, 35, on Sunday gathered together his friends, family, relatives and well-wishers at his home in Nsasa-Namugongo, outside Kampala.

According to earlier invitations, Byamugisha simply wished to celebrate his 35th birthday at a thanksgiving ceremony in Namugongo.

After the dining and the winning was done, Byamugisha grabbed a microphone to say “a few words” to his guests.

A former aide to former presidential candidate, Kizza Besigye, Byamugisha told his guests he will run for the Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] party president.

The office is currently occupied by former UPDF army commander, Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu, who will be seeking a re-election having assumed office in 2012 when he defeated the current party Secretary General, Hon Nandala Mafabi.

Victoria University

The youthful budding politician accuses the party leadership of suffocating the voices of the young and not allowing them meaningful representation.

In February 2017, Byamugisha, the national mobiliser in the party’s youth league, told Uganda Radio Network [URN] that he is ready to unite the party that many political observers believe is divided between “Mugisha Muntu’s moderates and Kizza Besigye’s extremists.”

FDC will hold elections to choose a new president in November this year, according to a road-map released by the party last month.

Byamugisha admitted to URN that the party is deeply divided and that none of the disgruntled members has returned the party card and officially denounced FDC.

He said all disgruntled party supporters are still FDC members and he will reach out to all of them and then intensify defiance within the party’s top leadership.

“Defiance means resisting all those illegitimate government laws, plans and programmes to ensure that the Museveni regime is overthrown. I am a proud youth activist with in the defiance campaign,” he told URN.

Byamugisha said he will start a conversation with the young people and inspire them to pick interest in politics, asking the seniors leaders to retire from active politics.

Byamugyisha’s fans don t-shirts with his portrait

FDC deputy secretary general, Harold Kaija, described Byamugisha as a “well known party activist” and encouraged him to follow his dream.

“Let him come and convince party members to vote for him. If he is voted, he will be our president,” Kaija told URN.

Last year, Byamugisha expressed interest in contesting for FDC’s flag bearer presidential election race but later dropped out because he had not attained the mandatory age.

Fact file:

Byamugisha Moses hails from Rujumbura county, Rukungiri district, western Uganda.

He holds a diploma in law from Law Development Centre and a Bachelor of Laws from Uganda Christian University (UCU), Mukono.

He says his father, Can. James Byarugaba who was a die-hard supporter – cum – mobiliser of Dr Kizza Besigye in 2001 inspired him to take interest in national politics.

He became active in opposition politics during 2001 presidential elections campaigns with other young people who were excited about a new person challenging an establishment of President Museveni.

He served as head prefect at Rukungiri Central Secondary School in 2003-2004.

In 2009, Byamugisha while pursuing a Bachelor of Laws degree at Uganda Christian University (UCU), he contested and lost the guild presidential elections.

He would later serve as the UCU Law School president.

He is a founding member of the FDC students union, an association that brings together party youth supporters in different universities.

Currently, he is the national mobiliser in the party youth league. Apart from formal positions, he says he partakes in party work on daily basis.



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