‘Major’ Mao forms paramilitary force to guard Gulu  

DP president Mao in army uniform

Democratic Party President, Norbert Mao, says he is now gathering his resources to form a paramilitary force that will clear Gulu town streets of all iron bar hit-men.

“I’m outraged by the inability of national security organs to deal decisively with the so called “iron bar hitmen”,” Mao told press in Gulu town on Friday.

“We can’t let our neighbourhoods cringe in fear.”

He said in Gulu town alone, dozens of people have been maimed while some have died.

“On the night IGP Kale Kayihura was in Gulu, three people were hit,” he said, referring to Kayihura who camped in Gulu town and arrested five people in relation to the death of the assistant town clerk, John Oola Omona, in Kanyagoga B parish in Bar Dege division.

Victoria University

Mao says every attack is a vote of no confidence against Gen. Kale Kayihura.

“If the police doesn’t curb this crime wave, I will issue a general call to arms and launch a CITIZEN’S PATROL FOR SELF DEFENCE. They have one week!”

Mao donning military uniform

Mao said the group “Citizens’ Self Defence Patrol (CSDP)” will be under his personal command and will comprise of volunteers, ex-rebel fighters, veterans and crime preventers among others as a desperate move after government security forces failed to dismantle the iron bar hit men over the last one year.

Donning a military uniform bearing an inscription of his name “Mao”, black gumboots and a military cap, Mao said he would arm his force with traditional weapons like arrows, bows, spears, among others.

As for the military uniform, Mao said the army formally assigned him the uniform from National Leadership Institute Kyankwanzi when he undertook a military training course in line with the provisions of Article 17 of the Constitution.

The article provides that all able bodied citizens should undertake a military training to defend the constitution and the territorial integrity of Uganda.



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