Kagina apologises to Mityana over delayed compensation

The section from Busega to Mpala will be a Tolled section, adopting an Expressway standard with design speed of 100km/hr

The Executive Director has engaged the leadership and Project Affected Persons (PAPs) that were inconvenienced by the road works along Busega-Mityana road.

UNRA’s Executive Director, Ms. Allen Kagina, Eng.Sam Muhoozi and Eng. Chris Manyindo, highlighted to the leadership of the pending challenges at hand that have since delayed the compensation exercise along the 57.18km road.

An engagement with UNRA held at Malangala sub-county offices on May 18, calmed the fears of the residents who have not been compensated since the works were completed.

The Project affected persons pointed out that several petitions to the UNRA leadership had been submitted regarding their compensation and have not received satisfactory information regarding when payment would be made.

Speaking to the residents Ms. Kagina asked the PAPs to pardon the delay by UNRA to compensate and provided them with the status of the compensation.

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“I would like on behalf of UNRA request you to pardon us for the delayed compensation. We have come here to engage you and to assure you that it has been a long time indeed but you will be compensated,” said Ms. Kagina attracting ululations from the crowd.

A status brief on land acquisition indicates that a first valuation report and two supplementary report dating back to 2011 comprised of 1608 PAPs and of these 1129 PAPs have since been compensated.

However, various complaints subjected UNRA to re-evaluate the land and currently a team has been put in place to identify the under-valuations, delayed payments, injurious affections and omissions.

The E.D expressed that UNRA is making effort and has committed itself to ensure that compensation to number of residents is effected before the close of financial year 2016/2017.

The residents commended the changes being effected and welcomed the land acquisition sweep-up team that will deal with the various challenges they have presently.



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