UPC moves to drive out Akena over Musevenism


Uganda’s oldest opposition political party, Uganda People’s Congress [UPC], has decided to get rid of its president, Jimmy Akena, for allegedly selling the party to President Yoweri Museveni at Shs6bn.

The move to kick out Akena is championed by the party administrator, Moses Kemba Higenyi, who has already raided Akena’s office and demanded that he resigns.

Higenyi accuses Akena of being in bed with the ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM] and president Museveni, the reason they want to drive him out of Uganda House.

Higenyi claims to have already finalised national wide consultative meetings with party elders to rid Uganda House of “NRM mafias” who protect Akena.

Speaking at a meeting at the Melting Pot on Tuesday, Higenyi expressed disappointment at having trusted Akena as the son of former President and Party founder, Milton Obote, only to realise the Lira Municipality MP received Shs6bn from President Museveni.

Victoria University

“We are still investigating this matter. The secretariat is no more ever since our party secretary, Edward Sseganyi, and the national vice president, Patrick Mwondha, passed away,” he said.

He added: “Akena is always meeting Museveni secretly. He is not concerned about the welfare of the party.”

Akena denies

Akena, in his defence, said Higenyi is just a disgruntled party official since he is currently on suspension.

Akena said he has serious issues to think about for example the 2021 elections and has no time to waste on the bitterness of individuals.

Akena reasons that he cannot talk about transition of power without involving Museveni in the matter. He denied receiving money from him.



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