MPs lose seats for giving bribes


The Court of Appeal on Thursday kicked two Members of Parliament out of the house after they were found liable in bribery allegations during 2011 parliamentary elections.

The two independent MPs are; William Wilson Nokrach for northern region and Hood Katuramu from western region, who represent Persons with Disabilities in parliament.

Justice Remmy Kasule ruled that Nokrach and Katuramu participated in bribery of voters during the 2011 parliamentary elections, according to the record, evidence, submissions and judgment of the High Court.

A judgement read by Assistant registrar of the court, Didas Muhumuza, says all the testimonies against the legislators confirms they dished out money and gifts to voters.

The justices also faulted the trial judge Albert Rugadya Atwoki for ruling that Norkrach had proper academic qualifications to stand as a MP which was not the case.



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