MPs adopt report giving State House Shs23bn to spend

State House Kampala

Members of Parliament on Thursday adopted a report by Parliament’s Presidential Affairs Committee, on the proposed budget estimates including a supplementary budget for State House.

The report contains the proposed budgetary allocation to the office of the president for FY2017/18 which totals to Shs54.9bn. The proposed budget for State House for FY2017/18 totals to Shs245bn.

The report that parliament adopted indicates that Shs233bn is appropriated under recurrent expenditure while development budget takes Shs12.3bn.

From that budget, Shs18.4bn will be spent on the president’s travels abroad, Shs18.4bn for inland travels, Shs17.1bn for staff allowances, Shs3.4bn for special meals and drinks, Shs38.4bn for classified expenditure, Shs7.2bn for vehicle maintenance, Shs4.7bn for welfare and entertainment, and Shs78bn for miscellaneous.

Victoria University

In the Financial Year 2016/2017, State House under Vote 002 was allocated Shs257.29bn yet Privatisation minister, Evelyn Anite further wrote to the Secretary to Treasury, Keith Muhakanizi, in March this year, asking for Shs212bn in supplementary funding for 2016/17 Financial Year.

Inside the report

The proposed budget for Foreign Affairs is Shs31bn for financial year 2017/2018, the proposed budget for Internal security organisation for financial year 2017/18 while the proposed budget for police for financial year is Shs530bn.

As per committee report, National Identification and Registration Authority [NIRA] has been paying Shs675m in rent to Ministry of defence on an expired tenant agreement.

The report also says the ministry of Internal Affairs requires Shs7.98bn to enable NGO bureau to start and operationalise the NGO Act.

The proposed budget for the ministry of ICT is Shs50bn for FY2017/18 while the proposed budget for Uganda prisons is Shs185bn for the financial year 2017/18.

The report was presented by the committee chairperson also Nyabushozi County MP, Fred Mwesigye.

After listening to the report, Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah who chaired the session first suspended the house to one and half hour to allow members deliberate on the matter.

When plenary sitting resumed, the house is discussed the Trade committee report on the ministerial policy statement, adopted the report of the tourism committee report on the ministerial policy statement and then picked up the gender committee report on the ministerial policy statement.

The proposed budget for Ministry of Gender is UShs151bn after the ministry suffered a total budget cut of Shs32bn.

“We cannot increase the budget, what we can do in reallocate money or move it around,” Oulanyah told MPs.

This report indicates that the proposed budget for the office of the Prime Minister is Shs310bn, proposed budgetary allocation for Kampala Capital Authority [KCCA] totals to Shs337bn.

State Minister of Finance for Planning, David Bahati, then told the house the money for LC1 elections is Shs16bn after Hon Jacob Oboth, the Member of Parliament for West Budama County South, pointed out that there was no money for LCI elections.

The total budget allocation for the Director of Public Prosecutions [DDP] for FY2017/2018 is Shs31bn while that for Law Development Centre [LDC] is Shs6.83 billion for this coming financial year.

The proposed budget for the electoral commission is Shs59bn while the proposed budget for the Human rights commission is Shs17bn for the coming financial year.

The proposed budget for the Parliamentary commission is Shs441bn with major planned activities for the Parliamentary commission including construction of new chambers budgeted for the FY 2017/18.

The house also passed the Lotteries and Gaming bill 2017.



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