Men of God file defence in NTV ‘fake pastors’ doc  


NTV Uganda on May 22, 2017 broadcast a documentary titled: “NTV Investigates: Inside the dark world of manipulative and deceitful pastors” which shook the nation, especially the religious world.

Inside the dark world of religion, NTV went undercover to expose men who use the hallowed platforms in church to steal from the poor under the guise that they can perform miracles.

NTV said that to the flock, these deceitful and manipulative pastors are anointed men of God, wondering “who will rein in these men who are wealthy and can buy influence?”

The 24-minute documentary featured men bribed by pastors to claim they are devil worshippers so they can come to church and miracles are performed on them, publically.

It also features a girl who said she was raped by a pastor and later had to go for a painful abortion.

Victoria University

The pastors and other preachers went wild with rage, accusing the media house of tarnishing the images they have built for a lifetime.

The Serena based television was on Thursday night obliged to invite Father Sylvester Arinaitwe, Pastor Johnston Makumbi and Charles Tumwine to file their defence on the programme titled: “NTV The Spot”.

Charles Tumwine blamed born again churches and upcoming pastors for turning the ministry into a form of quick bread winner.

“I don’t like poverty. It’s our mandate to fight it. The vehicles we drive is a sign of transformation work,” Tumwine said.

He told the audience that no pastor should ask for money for prayers or counselling, saying it was wrong and not biblical.

“There is a bunch of people on pulpits who are untrained…quacks,” he concluded.

Pastor Makumbi wondered about spirit attacking born again churches and their ministers, maintaining miracles are real but “the issue is the motive”.

Makumbi denied ever seeing the girl who is reported to had been raped and aborted.

He also denied accusations of visiting shrines saying he has never been to a shrine all her life.

Father Arinaitwe queried where these pastors get those titles “apostle, bishop” saying he is seeing it now.

“Where do they train from? That story on NTV hurt me. I have a reputation to protect.”

Father Arinaitwe insisted the gospel of truth should be maintained and pastors must stop telling their congregation lies about shortcuts to prosperity.

Fr Arinaitwe also claimed he has power to bless water “it’s not intended to make miracles but bring one closer to God”.



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