Bobi Wine sued, says he’s winning MP race

Bobi and his kids on a boat ride

“Dear friends, some people (especially those who are not from Kyadondo) are so interested in knowing the balance of forces in the up-coming by-election,” singer Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine wrote on social media Thursday.

He was responded to questions about his race with Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] politician, Apollo Kantinti, for the Kyadondo East parliamentary seat.

“Who is winning the race? I am glad to report to my fans and supporters out there that we are winning this race,” Bobi said, adding, “We are winning this election because the people of Kyadondo East have seen an opportunity to provide them with a people centered leadership.”

According to the singer, the people of Kyadondo East have identified with the cause- they have embraced it with both hands; the elderly and the young, men and women, people from all religions and political shades.

“They have embraced this cause because it is their cause and it is their time. Our message has been that we cannot and should not wait any longer before we embark on the struggle to sort out the mess our country has been turned into. As Martin Luther King teaches us “The time is always right to do what is right.”


Bobi reiterated that the election is not about personalities but the people of Kyadondo.

“Where does that leave our children who aren’t getting the education they deserve? Our people who fall sick and have nothing but hospitals without doctors and medicine?”

He said even the hardworking people who despite the sweat cannot break-even because they are overtaxed, not given incentives and do not get social services worth their taxes.

Bobi says his message is a message of unity in the face of adversity, resilience in the face of intimidation and hope in the face of impossibilities.

He maintained the campaign is about good governance- “we cannot involve ourselves in anything that violates the spirit of good governance”.

“We are fighting electoral injustices and malpractices- we cannot indulge in the same. Again- we shall run a clean campaign. Those who are inviting us to dine at the table of trivialities- we promise that we have no appetite for that.”

Bobi will be nominated as an Independent Candidate for Member of Parliament for Kyadondo East Constituency on Wednesday 31st May 2017 at Kasangati Saza grounds.

Dragged to court

Meanwhile, Muwadda Nkunyingi, a voter in Kyadondo East, has dragged the Electoral Commission, Boib and IGP Gen Kale Kayihura to court for mishandling the ongoing voters register data update exercise.

Nkuyingi, one of aspirants in the oncoming by-election, accuses EC of allegedly let Bobi, an aspirant deal with updating the register which he claims to have witnessed on Wednesday.

He asked court to halt the exercise of updating the register and restrain both Bobi and Kayihura from interfering in the process.



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